Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac Imaging services offered in Cambridge, MA

Cardiac imaging offers an insight into what’s causing your heart problems and how well treatments for heart disease are working. Schatzki Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers comprehensive cardiac imaging services to patients of all ages. Cardiac imaging procedures enable the Schatzki Associates team to diagnose and assess many heart problems, including congestive heart failure and acute and chronic aortic disease. Call the office today to discover how the Schatzki Associates team’s expertise could help you.

What is cardiac imaging?

Cardiac imaging technology assists with diagnosing the cause of heart-related symptoms and evaluates your heart’s function.

The Schatzki Associates team uses various forms of cardiac imaging, selecting the most appropriate ones based on your symptoms and medical history. 

What other cardiac imaging procedures might I need?

Other cardiac imaging tests the Schatzki Associates team offers include:

Cardiac CT (computerized tomography)

For a cardiac CT scan, you lie inside a ring-shaped CT machine. The machine takes pictures as the X-ray technology inside rotates, producing detailed images of your chest and heart.

Cardiac MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

An MRI machine has a short tunnel that you lie inside. A combination of a high-powered magnetic field and radio waves produces highly detailed images of your heart.

In addition, using cardiac imaging techniques like myocardial perfusion and gated blood pool imaging, the team can perform specialized procedures such as monitoring left ventricular function during chemotherapy.

To learn more about cardiac imaging and its role in heart health, call Schatzki Associates today.